What can owners expect

Arranging the Referral

If your pet requires further investigation and/or complex treatment, your vet will inform you and suggest you attend external services. Should you wish to go ahead with this, your Practice will submit a referral form to ourselves, and we will then contact you with our initial advice and arrange an appointment for consultation with one of our vets.

Before and During the Appointment

Your pet may require sedation or anaesthetic for imaging or surgery in which case they must present with an empty stomach. Please feed them the evening before as usual and offer them something small around 10pm then remove all access to further foods. Their water can be left with them.

Please bring with you any medication that your pet has been prescribed, as well as information as to when you have last administered them. Diabetic cases need careful consideration prior to anaesthesia or sedation so please disclose this information at time of booking.

You will be asked to confirm you and your pet’s details, and if you have insurance for your pet, we will ask you to provide us with your policy information. It may be possible for us to settle directly with the insurers but only by prior agreement. Please bring a blank, signed claim form with you if you wish for us to claim on your behalf. You will have to pay your excess and any co-payment as per your policy as well as our administration fee.

The Vet will conduct a thorough examination and ask questions relating to your pet’s medical history. For this reason, it is vital that the owner attends the appointment with their pet as opposed to friends or family. Financial decisions and consent to procedures are to be made by only the owner also.

While your Pet Receives Treatment

Should your pet require imaging and/or treatment, they will be admitted to our wards. We will ask you to leave them with us and will inform you of a time to return and collect them. Surgical procedures often require the patient to stay with us overnight following, but this will be confirmed with you at consultation.

You are welcome to bring a toy or blanket that comforts your pet, although should they become soiled, we must wash them. We endeavour to return all possessions but occasionally blankets return to our own stores, and we cannot always return them to you; anything with sentimental value should therefore not be left with us.

Please inform us of any allergies your pet has prior to their treatment. Due to infection control, we cannot feed raw diets within our wards. If your pet is fed raw, we will instead offer them easily digestible diets during their stay, or you are welcome to bring your preferred cooked option.

Taking your Pet Home and After Care

A discharge appointment will be arranged with you once it is deemed appropriate for your pet to leave our care. Within this, the procedure will be summarised for you, and you will be informed of how best to care for your pet during their recovery, including prescriptions, exercises (or lack of), and re-examination appointments to be attended. Please do ask any questions to ensure you are most clear on how to rehabilitate your pet.

Your pet will remain under care of the referring Vet. Except for any discussed re-examinations with us, your pet’s care will continue there. Conditions present aside for that which has been referred will remain the responsibility of the primary care Vet.